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Cochlear Implants International December 9th, 2016

Aii earns a peer-reviewed publication into Cochlear Implants International, the only interdisciplinary journal devoted entirely to cochlear implants and other implantable electronic hearing devices.

Aii and Patient Stories November 7th, 2016

Watch three wonderful patients tell their cochlear implant stories and Dr. Grisel describe the importance of the Auditory Implant Initiative.

A&M Community News July 15, 2016

College Station newspaper, The Eagle, writes about Aii as a constructive organization from two former Texas A&M students in co-founders Dr. Jed Grisel and Dr. Andrew de Jong.

HIMSA Announcement July 1, 2016

HIMSA announces Aii's new HERMES Noah Module to its Noah Users in their June newsletter, quoted below. You can also read the article on the HIMSA website, or find the link on the Noah Startup screen!

New Noah Module/Mobile App: Auditory Implant Initiative


HIMSA is pleased to announce a new Noah Module/Mobile App from our newest member, the Auditory Implant Initiative. 

The Auditory Implant Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Wichita Falls, Texas, is dedicated to improving cochlear implant care through research, collaboration and outreach. 

”By working together with our member facilities,” said Anne Lam, Executive Director & Database Manager, ”the Auditory Implant Initiative aims to extend the reach of cochlear implants to a larger demographic, while capturing valuable patient data to further optimize the overall patient care process.”

HERMES - A Powerful Tool

To reach these goals, the Auditory Implant Initiative developed HERMES (HIPAA-secure Encrypted Research Management Evaluation Solution). 


HERMES is a care management software platform which can be accessed from any updated web browser or now through the HERMES Noah Application.

”HERMES helps hearing professionals coordinate cochlear implant care with other providers, track patients within their practice and contribute information to an ever growing database to be used for analytics and research,” said Lam.

Power in Numbers

However, HERMES is only as powerful as it’s community. Only through the work of its dedicated member practices can the Auditory Implant Initiative make a difference. 

To be a member, Cochlear Implant practices agree to provide their implant related data, in anonymized form, to the learning community. In return they gain access to the powerful HERMES data management platform that absorbs, tracks and shares standardized information in a HIPAA-secure manner to all members of the implant team, regardless of geographic location or institutional affiliation. 

By working together and combining their data, members can use HERMES to:

  • Strengthen their referral networks through data sharing 
  • Contribute to an ever-growing body of data that can be used to improve cochlear implant care
  • Track clinical outcomes in their practice
  • Query all patient data within their facility
  • Gain access to flexible patient reports

Noah – a powerful new partner

Since joining HIMSA just six months ago, the Auditory Implant Initiative has already completed development of their new Noah Module/Mobile compatible HERMES application. 


”Integration with Noah is a significant step in reaching our goal,” said Lam.”The new app makes it a snap to enter Noah data into HERMES. It also allows hearing centers to screen Noah audiograms for potential cochlear implant candidates.”

By ensuring a greater pool of data in HERMES, the Auditory Implant Initiative is well on its way to acheiving their vision of becoming the world’s largest cochlear implant learning community.

There is no cost to join the Auditory Implant Initiative. Learn more at their website,

Aii PR Release June 21, 2016

The Auditory Implant Initiative recently sent out a press release about the new HERMES Noah Module. Check it out at this link!

In the News! June 17, 2016

Co-founder, Dr. Jed Grisel, and Database Manager, Anne Lam, talk to KAUZ NewsChannel in Wichita Falls, TX about the Auditory Implant Initiative and its great mission. See the story here!

Noah-compatible HERMES App/Aggregate Report Releases/CI2016 May 9, 2016

Since joining HIMSA four months ago, the Auditory Implant Initiative has now completed development of their new Noah-compatible HERMES application. This Windows-based application is capable of connecting to your Noah 4 System to facilitate transfer of patients and audiograms into HERMES. One unique feature even enables you to import audiograms from your Noah database into HERMES all at once for possible CI candidacy analysis, using Noah's new "Noah Mobile" technology, now available on Noah 4.5.1 and above. This integration of Noah and HERMES is an exciting milestone for the Auditory Implant Initiative and we believe will help simplify workflow and improve patient care management. The HERMES Windows application does not require a Noah installation and can serve as an alternative way to access your HERMES platform as well.

In addition to releasing the new HERMES application, the Auditory Implant Initiative is also releasing its first aggregate data reports to all HERMES Plus users. This report, released bi-annually, provides a graphical comparison of your data to the aggregate and offers valuable insight into the demographics, outcomes, and performance of your CI patients. You can find this report on your Dashboard upon logging in. HERMES Basic Users will also receive a compiled report of the same metrics, but must register for HERMES Plus to view an aggregate comparison. To register for HERMES Plus, please have your facility administrator upgrade your access in their Facility Settings.

Lastly, visit us at our booth at CI 2016 International! The Auditory Implant Initiative will be hosting a booth at the 14th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Technologies in Toronto, Canada on May 11-14th. Come visit us at booth 16 to learn more about our recent news and receive support for any additional needs you may have!

New Flag Feature on HERMES March 28, 2016

HERMES users can now log on and find a new flagging feature atop their Patient Directory page.

With this flagging system, you can create any number of 'flags' to annotate your patients as part of different cohorts that you wish to study. For example, you might create a flag for patients with Single Sided Deafness.

Once a flag has been saved with both a color and a name, you can start flagging patients with it, either in the patient directory or in individual patient dashboards.

Flags help you quickly identify distinct patient groups that you yourself define, and can be used for filtering your patient directory list or your data query results.

Check it out by logging in now!

Aii joins HIMSA December 30, 2015

The Auditory Implant Initiative has officially become a member of HIMSA! HIMSA, the Hearing Instrument Manufacturer's Software Association, is the organization responsible for developing and supporting Noah, which provides hearing care professionals with a unified system for performing client-related tasks, including recording audiograms. As a member of HIMSA, the Auditory Implant Initiative is now able to develop a HERMES module to be incorporated within Noah. We anticipate this module to be available to Noah users within the next few months. This module is expected to feature the following functions:

  • Import patients on Noah to HERMES for better care coordination and management
  • Import audiograms from Noah to HERMES to reduce data entry
  • Preview patient progress from Noah
  • And more!
Our new partnership with HIMSA allows the Auditory Implant Initiative an exciting opportunity to have HERMES integrated with the ubiquitous Noah software system in order to facilitate your workflow. We are very excited to begin development of this new capability for our growing HERMES system. Stay tuned for more news!

ACIA CI 2015 October 19, 2015

The Auditory Implant Initiative's presentation and tabletop exhibit at the ACIA symposium in Washington, DC was a great success. We would like to thank all visitors of our booth for their interest and comments and we hope to cultivate open and collaborative relationships with each and every one of you. In addition, after many productive conversations about interoperability at the conference, we are excited to begin our next big endeavor of connecting HERMES with other clinical technologies used within the auditory world. Stay tuned for further developments!

If you'd like to view our presentation from the conference, you may download the powerpoint here.

Aii in DC October 8, 2015

The Auditory Implant Initiative will be presenting the "Development of a Community-Based Clinical Registry for Patients with Cochlear Implants" at the ACIA CI Symposium in Washington, DC on October 15th. Aii will also host a tabletop exhibit for attendees to learn more about the organization and the HERMES Platform. Come see us from October 15-17th!

HERMES Version 2.0 Release August 28, 2015

The Auditory Implant Initiative Team is set to release Version 2.0 of the HERMES application featuring a cleaner and better designed interface, simpler data entry and organization, and the incorporation of pediatric measures and tests.

The Auditory Implant Initiative wins IdeaWF contest April 29, 2015

The Auditory Implant Initiative is excited to announce to be one of the recipients of the IdeaWF award. This award is granted to promising entreprenuers who are committed to contributing to the Wichita Falls community. The contest is administered through Midwestern State University. The contest is supported through community donors and winners are given $12,000 in cash prizes as well as another $15,500 in "in-kind" services.


Cochlear Implants International:

Aii earns a peer-reviewed publication into Cochlear Implants International, the only interdisciplinary journal devoted entirely to cochlear implants and other implantable electronic hearing devices.

Aii and Patient Stories

Watch three wonderful patients tell their cochlear implant stories and Dr. Grisel describe the importance of the Auditory Implant Initiative.

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