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Intro to Hermes

HERMES is our care management software platform which supports our central purpose.

This platform provides three major functions:

  1. Connects geographically separate cochlear implant providers
  2. Serves as a patient tracking tool for providers
  3. Collects and aggregates data from all facilities for research and analytics purposes

HERMES can be accessed from any updated web browser or through the HERMES Windows Application, The HERMES Windows Application is capable of connecting to your Noah 4 System to facilitate transfer of audiograms! However, Noah is not required to use the HERMES Windows Application.


Cochlear Implants International:

Aii earns a peer-reviewed publication into Cochlear Implants International, the only interdisciplinary journal devoted entirely to cochlear implants and other implantable electronic hearing devices.

Aii and Patient Stories

Watch three wonderful patients tell their cochlear implant stories and Dr. Grisel describe the importance of the Auditory Implant Initiative.

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