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HERMES Basic vs. HERMES Plus

The Auditory Implant Initiative offers cochlear implant centers two levels of access to the HERMES software, HERMES Basic and HERMES Plus.

HERMES Basic is free and includes the core features of "Care Team" collaboration, patient tracking, and standardized data collection that are inherit in HERMES.

HERMES Plus costs a low price of $499 per year and provides the additional benefits of:

  • Bi-annual aggregate data reports. Twice a year, HERMES will produce a charted report summarizing high-level metrics of your data with a side-by-side comparison to that of the entire Aii network.
  • The ability to import all Noah audiograms from your Noah database into HERMES for a candidacy analysis report. This requires you to download the HERMES Windows application and configure Noah Mobile at your site.
  • Eligibility for HERMES Data Grants. Aii develops financial programs to help support its member centers in their usage of HERMES so that important data can be collected meaningfully and usefully. 2017 Grant Application.
  • All HERMES Basic Features.
  • Support of the non-profit Auditory Implant Initiative organization.


Cochlear Implants International:

Aii earns a peer-reviewed publication into Cochlear Implants International, the only interdisciplinary journal devoted entirely to cochlear implants and other implantable electronic hearing devices.

Aii and Patient Stories

Watch three wonderful patients tell their cochlear implant stories and Dr. Grisel describe the importance of the Auditory Implant Initiative.

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